Need to pump up your resilience?

Mind Chi Insight… How you think creates the world you live in!

Yes! How you think actually creates your reality!
That is actually TRUE!!! NO ONE else is to blame!!

Think about someone you know who is mostly negative, this is wrong, that needs to be fixed, everywhere there are problems and bad people.

When they look out at the world, they mostly see things wrong. This seems to come back at them and reinforce their point of view.

The world looks out to get me!

However another person looks out at the world and sees the kind things humans do for each other, sees places where they can help, sees the beautiful sunrise and the vibrant colours around them.

And guess what? That person seems to discover that mostly life works and things are good.

Mind Chi Insight… How you think creates your world ... so it it what you want to have to live in?? Or not? And yes! There is something you can do about it!
The world is my friend!

And the big question is… are YOU creating the world that YOU wish to live in?

What do YOU see?? Chi & I LOVE to see / hear from you!!

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