Mind Chi Mapplan for business planning

Yes! You KNOW that the most successful people not only plan AND they COMMIT to it by writing it down!

The power of ‘deep thinking’ as Nigel Botterill of the Entrepreneurs Circle says, is the most important time you spend on your business.

Sigh! Look at blank paper – need a coffee – sigh – oh! Better check emails it pinged – etc…… Not working is it?!

Now! A FUN way to plan – yes!

Half the work is already done for you as all the questions to prompt your thinking are on this Mapplan.

ALL you have to do is either:  Print the Mind Chi Mapplan then hand write in your responses OR download x-mind (a free mapping software) and add your answers that way.

Whichever method, hop about from branch to branch as a thought associates from another topic.

When you are finished, stick the map up where you will see it every day.  Let the power of the map steer you in your success direction. Keep the map up to date and adjust as necessary.  EnJOY!

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Make 2012 your most successful year yet!

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