Mind Chi Mapplan for life planning in 2012

OK the start of a New Year is a super time to think about how you want your life to be.

Either before or after you have Mind Chi Mapplanned your business, make a fresh cup of tea and just dream for a few minutes…. it is the same date, but one year in the future…. how is your life. Suddenly you are transported forward 365 days – how are you dressed?

  • What are you about to do?
  • How do you feel?
  • What are the important aspects of your life?
  • What have you achieved in the past year?
  • Of what are you most proud?

Gently return and ALL you have to do is complete the Mind Chi Mapplan by either:
Print the map then hand write in your responses around the question key words
OR download x-mind (a free mapping software) and add your answers that way.

Whichever method, hop about from branch to branch as a thought associates from another topic.

When you are finished, stick the map up where you will see it every day. Let the power of the map steer you in your success direction. Keep the map up to date and adjust as necessary.  ENJOY!

Make 2012 your BEST Mind Chi year yet!

Mind Chi your Business with a Mind Chi Mapplan here

(c) Mind Chi 2011

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