‘Mind Chi Matters’ Seminars

‘Mind Chi Matters’ Seminars are based on the Mind Chi Book

Learn the Mind Chi Basic, 8-minutes a day routine which can dramatically reduce stress and improve performance.

Your Mind Chi Mentor will lead weekly or monthly seminars that will assist the new Mind Chi habit stick.

Address specific problems or achieve special goals.

Any area of your life that you wish to improve can be addressed through the easy 8-minute routine.

The Mind Chi process is well founded in effective psychological therapies and the latest brain research – all applied to assisting you to function more effectively and enjoyably.

You do NOT need to suffer the ravages of stress, sleepless nights, poor digestion, blood pressure, headaches and general discontent and malaise.

It is crucial for you to be aware and prevent yourself slipping into a burnout situation.

It IS possible to live a well balanced, full and rewarding life; to feel motivated and productive and to experience contentment and joy.

Mind Chi seminar

Mind Chi seminar

Experience a Mind Chi Seminar in YOUR Business Today

Mind Chi Seminars can be conducted as:

  • Conferences & Keynotes – in person (as allowed) or virtually
  • Mind Chi Matters Sessions in-company
  • Mind Chi Matters Sessions in health & fitness clubs
  • One to One Mind Chi Coaching Sessions
  • In-company seminars or sessions

Experience the Mind Chi life.

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