Mind Chi Mentor-in-Training end-of-year Special Offer!

If you are interested in becoming a Mind Chi Mentor and we would like to offer an end-of-year, sign-up-now and be-ready-to-take-off-in-the-new-year incentive!  Pay a £100.00 deposit and complete the application form and values statement BEFORE 31st December 2010 and receive three special considerations and savings

  1. A £50.00 discount off the total (£600.00 or £400.00) and
  2. The option to become a Mind Chi Mentor for £400.00 – and to have the web listing as an optional extra for an additional £200.00
  3. Plus (understanding the economic climate) an option to pay in instalments.

We hope that this will provide you with that extra impetus and reward for taking action!

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