Mind Chi Saves the Financial World!

By Jon Thompson

 In 2009 I attended the NLP Dorset Forum Annual Conference. One of the speakers was Vanda North.  I was immediately taken by her enthusiasm and energy. The subject was Mind Chi and I enjoyed the process so much I decided to find out more. This has lead to me becoming a Mind Chi Mentor.

 Following the conference I continued to do the daily 8 minute routine as it neatly packaged some techniques that I was already aware of but didn’t necessarily have an easy and quick way to apply. After completing the Mind Chi Basic for the 28 days I felt I was becoming more focused on what I want in life and how to achieve it.

Working in an extremely stressful environment in a global financial organisation, I could see how this could benefit others too. The cost to businesses for hours lost through stress is constantly increasing as less people are asked to do more in less time! I set up three groups to work with and add Mind Chi to their daily routine.

 The initial Mind Chi Basic routine lasts for 28 days as this is how long it takes to build a habit.
I asked each participant to fill in a questionnaire and mark themselves out of 10 for each question. The questions cover sleep, energy, concentration, memory, stress and more. By the end of the course most participants had noticed an improvement in their scores in most areas.

 This outcome encouraged me to pursue finding out how I can make a positive difference to others in the company and we have added Mind Chi to the company’s Wellness support for employees. We cannot be in control of the outside world, the economy or how managers, colleagues and clients treat us. We can however be in control of us and how we respond.

 Following my successful in-company courses, I was asked to do a presentation during Women’s History Month. The training was over-subscribed with 91 people booking in. I delivered the Mind Chi Basic to a packed auditorium. I received overwhelming feedback in support of wanting to learn more and join a course. Many people commented on how relaxed they felt going into the afternoon.

 I have picked out one person’s feedback that I feel covers the sentiments from most of the emails and replies I received following the training:

  “I would encourage all members of my team, and all my friends to go on the course. I was at really low ebb when I first started the course, having just returned from a two week period of being off sick, due to work stresses. The course was extremely timely for me, I feel much better than I did, and I am absolutely positive that I have benefited greatly. I would even go as far as to say that this should be a standard/mandatory course for all employees to go on.”

  And that is my aim, to make it an available course for all employees at whatever level they are in the company. I want my full-time role to be facilitating this change in lowering stress levels and building resilience for all colleagues. Showing them how much control they can and do have in how they feel and respond to life’s situations.

 The next stage is to run more courses and lower the stress levels here! The word is out about
Mind Chi in this organisation. I am becoming known as ‘the Mind Chi man!’ To make Mind Chi fully known in a company of this size will take time, commitment, persistence and patience.
Sounds as though a Mind Chi Meme is required…

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