Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaires

How’s your Mind Chi?

Build your resilience
Build your resilience

Your Mind Chi is your mental energy. To give you an idea of how you are presently functioning and how Mind Chi can be of assistance to you, please complete these short questionnaires.

More information is available for The Change Maker Group and ‘Resilience for Change’

Mind Chi Stress and Resilience Questionnaires

Please download and print the attached questionnaires.
This is your pre-awareness questionnaire.
NOTE:  Fill in the far right hand column FIRST, under ‘NOW!’ FIRST!
For the STRESS questionnaire, please use a scale where 0 = none / negative and 8 = high / perfect!
For the RESILIENCE questionnaire you have a yes / no option.
However, if you are like me, the answer is sometimes in the middle. so please mark the half-way point!

When you have completed them, you may wish to return here to see what your scores say about how you are currently functioning.

With the STRESS questions:

any response less than four needs your attention – now! “Mind Chi” will be able to assist you.


  • 81 – 96 = Top notch, you are in great Mind Chi form.  After your 28 days, select a specific Mind Chi Strategy goal to achieve.  You will be able to accomplish everything you wish!


  • 64 – 80 = You are holding your own very well, look at any of your low scores and particularly address those.  Apply your Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine for the next 28 days and you will up at the Brilliant! level very soon.


  • 48 – 63 = This is the beginning of some signs that positive action is required.  Select one or two specific questions that either have the lowest score or that you would like to concentrate on and do your Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine for 28 days.


  • 32 – 47 = This your time to take hold of your situation and start some constructive Mind Chi, just settle into your Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine and you will see a general improvement at the end of your 28 days.

Red Flag!

  • 16 – 31 = Life might be a struggle at this time.  Remember that you can control your response to each moment, begin your Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine and look for each positive aspect that you can find in every day.


  • 0 – 15 = Mind Chi is your life line!  Grab a hold and with your remaining strength (because you are still ALIVE) start to gain a toe hold.  Focus on the smallest improvements.  Your Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine is free, easy to do and is just for you to start on the way to a better life.

With the Resilience questions:

here you are using a yes/no response – however if it is really ‘on the line’ then feel free to mark on the half way line! Attached is a way to check where you are now.

MC Resilience responses

What is important is that this is where you are NOW – by performing your Mind Chi 8-minute routine on a regular basis you will be able to change as you wish. It is a good idea to revisit and retake both questionnaires in 28 days and see where you are then.