Mind Chi Special SPRING Offers

Mind Chi open house – spring in and try us on FREE!
Sign up here today! First come first de-stressed! Friday, 23 March at three convenient times to suite YOUR schedule.  Mind Chi more…

SPRING into a month of Mind Chi Sessions – experience the difference!
Get together a group of your friends, (this can be before or after work; during lunch time; at your home; at your health club, religious or other group) and book a Mind Chi Month (four meetings over the 28 days to launch you into a new you!)   Special 20% disc.for Spring £40.00  Mind Chi more….

Mind Chi gift of SPRING LOVE!
For the next month, buy ‘Mind Chi’ on sale AND receive a copy of ‘Get Ahead – map your way to success’ – FREE!    Total value = £21.00      (AND a four-colour pen for the first 100 gifts)
YOUR cost only £12.00  (+ p&p)

Have the Mind Chi Edge – less stress, more energy in just 8 minutes a day
Attend a 2-hour introductory Mind Chi Edge Session if you sign up NOW (or very nearly now!) for a whopping 50% discount!    Total value = £30.00      YOUR cost only £15.00    Mind Chi more…

Business Mind Chi Wellbeing spring lunch-time showcase
Mind Chi would like to extend an invitation to businesses who would appreciate a free mini-wellbeing showcase in their cafeterias or communal rooms over the lunch time. This would involve a number—selected by the business—of  wellbeing specialists having tables or providing sessions. Mind Chi more…

To discuss any of these wonderful Mind Chi-easy options, please contact Vanda@MindChi.com