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Mind Chi – Re-wire your brain in 8 minutes a day
Strategies for Success in Business & Life
by Richard Israel & Vanda North

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Amazon.co.uk – kindle version for £9.99
JD.com – around Y29.40

Get your copy of the book from any online bookstore today, or email: Vanda@MindChi.com

The Mind Chi book is also available when you attend a Mind Chi Session from a Mind Chi Mentor.
Or order it through your local high street booksellers too – take the title and authors’ names – and they should have it within the week.

What’s in the book?

The book is divided into FOUR section and you can find out what each section covers here

See Mind Chi in German; Indonesian; Polish and now Portuguese as well!

Mind Chi translations

Mind Chi stress busting round the world!

And how about in Mandarin?    

Mind Chi goes to China

Mind Chi goes to China

Want to find out more about the Authors?

The authors of Mind Chi are Richard Israel and Vanda North and you can read more about them both on the Meet the Authors page and keep up to date by signing up for Mind Chi FREE stuff!

Watch the video to meet Richard and Vanda and to find out more: