Mind Chi and your Plastic Brain!

by Vanda North
Why might the word ‘plastic’ be so important in your life?

When you think of plastic, you may think of:

  • Cleaning up the planet…
  • Trying to use fewer plastic bags…
  • The amazing forms and shapes into which plastic can be molded or…
  • The versatility of the compound from thin (paper-like) to very solid.

However, you may not know that it is also thought to be “One of the most extraordinary discoveries of the 20th Century” by Dr. Norman Doidge, psychiatrist, researcher & author. Every new memory or activity that you perform is thanks to the ‘plasticity’ of your brain.

While you can think of many products that are plastic, did you also know that your brain is ‘plastic?’ It has the ability to change and re-form and do things more remarkable than any function ever devised by a scientist in a laboratory.

Every experience causes a change in your neurons and synapses as they constantly react and respond. Every experience will either strengthen the response, or necessitate the involvement of more or fewer neurons and synapses. Sometimes your brain even makes new neurons in order to meet a new need such as adjusting to a new work situation.

The very good news is that this plasticity means you can change, learn, adapt and adjust all through your life. Even more, your brain is set up for this activity and wants to do it. It is fulfilling its purpose. “Mind Chi” shows you how to keep this vital function alive and well in order to maintain and improve the quality of your life.

The good news is that, your brain, like the compound plastic, becomes ‘rigid’ after it is formed. This is good because it means that the bottle top stays the same shape. It is also good for your brain when things become a habit you want to keep, it can become almost ‘automatic’ saving you time, energy and thinking.

The not so good news is that same ‘rigidity’ that can sometimes be helpful, can also be the setting of a big bad habit that you don’t want, such as nail biting and getting rid of that habit can seem almost insurmountable.

Here comes “Mind Chi, Re-wire Your Brain in 8 minutes a day” to the rescue! This innovative and revolutionary book uses four of the very latest and most efficient change therapies and application of some recent brain research seamlessly woven into the simple eight minutes a day Mind Chi routine. This is how you will discover the way to grab the reins of your mind and gain the control you want in order to live the life you desire, rather than what you may feel has been hoisted on you.

In eight steps, taking only eight minutes you will discover a treasure trove of possibilities open to you. Make it Mind Chi-easy! Come and join us.

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