Richard Israel

Richard IsraelRichard Israel is an author, consultant and trainer, in the public and private sector in the areas of accelerated learning techniques as applied to business. Worked with leading organizations on four continents. Subjects covered include, Memory Improvement, Sales, Problem Solving Skills, Speed Reading, Learning how to Learn and Managing Information Overload.

Richard has 10 published books, these include:

  • Brain $ell (Gower 1995) with Tony Buzan (Chinese simplified, Polish, Spanish, Danish, Lithuanian, Korean, Chinese Standard, Hebrew, Romanian, French, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, Arabic, German, English reprint USA- McGraw Hill).
  • The Vision (Gower, 1996) with Julianne Crane.
  • SUPERSELLF (Gower 1997) with Tony Buzan.
  • BrainSmart Leader (Gower 1999) with Tony Buzan & Tony Dottino. (Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Korean, German, Danish, Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, English reprint Singapore and Malaysia- Horizon).
  • Sales Genius (Gower 2000) with Tony Buzan (Dutch, German, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, and Polish).
  • Your Mind at Work (Kogan Page 2000) with Cliff Shaffran & Helen Whitten (Chinese, French and Czech).
  • How to Think Creatively (Quicksilver 2002) with Conni Gordon.
  • Grass Roots Leaders (Gower 2007) with Tony Buzan & Tony Dottino.
  • Shifting Gears (Kindle 2010) revised-with Susan Ford Collins.
  • Mind Chi, Re-wire your BRAIN in 8 minutes a day (Capstone/Wiley 2010) with Vanda North (German, Arabic, Polish, and Indonesian).

Richard is an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University and works with government bodies throughout South Florida. Visiting professor to China Business Development, on an annual basis.

Appeared on talk shows, TV & Radio, spoke at major conference and written up in foremost publications, including, Business Week, New York Times, Miami Herald, Investor’s Business Daily, South China Morning Post.


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