Stress-free with Mind Chi – easy as 1, 2, 3

Are YOU feeling the strain of all life’s stress?  Want to get started with a better life NOW?
Then follow the Mind Chi – easy in 1, 2, 3

Mind Chi – easy 1
DECIDE you wish less stress and more energy in just 8 minutes a day and take the Mind Chi Stress & Resilient Questionnaires.
Complete the NOW column so you can see how you are functioning at this time.

Mind Chi – easy 2 
Sign up  for a Mind Chi Basic (2 hour) session. These may be conducted in your workplace or with any group you may belong to or create. There may be some public Mind Chi sessions too.

Mind Chi – easy 3
Perform your Mind Chi 8 minute routine for 28 days, meeting once a week with your Mind Chi Mentor. At the end of your Mind Chi month take the Mind Chi Stress & Resilience Questionnaires again, putting your scores in the ’28 days later’ column. Then look at the difference Mind Chi has made in YOUR life.

Mind Chi – easy continued
From now on meet with your Mind Chi Mentor once a month. When you are ready start Mind Chi in Action, where you apply Mind Chi to solve your problems and achieve your goals (There are also 50 Mind Chi Strategies to get you started).  Live a resilient and Mind Chi marvelous life. EnJOY!

Let's get started!