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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – choose a ‘Scare City’ or ‘A bun dance’

Life is all about choices. We make them with greater of lesser degrees of consciousness. I shall offer you two options to see which you would choose!

One choice is a ‘Scare City’ and the other is ‘A bun dance’.

This is ‘Scare City’

The people here have tight, pinched faces. They frown a lot and look at the ground, or shiftily check to see what others are getting up to. There arms are tightly wrapped around anything and everything they think is theirs. They are always having to post ‘Stay off this land’; ‘No trespassing’; and ‘Private property’ signs. They feel that everyone out there is trying to rip them off and is out to get them. No matter how much they have, it is not enough. There is no feeling of satisfaction. Not a happy state to be in.

Scare City
A bun dance

And this is a bun dance

People here look you in the eye and greet you warmly. ‘May I help you?’; ‘Anything I can do for you?’ and ‘Is everything OK?’ are common responses. If you are trying to work out something, someone is always there offering to help. ‘Here take mine!’; ‘Let me show you how!’ and ‘I’m right here if you need me.’ People are smiling, happily sharing what they have, even if they do not have that much. People enjoy life, feel gratitude and thankfulness, feel they have been blessed and therefore are happy to share.

Which do you choose?

This question was brought into stark realisation for me as I was walking on the beach in Palm Beach, Florida and saw this:

Mine! All mine – every grain of sand!

And then comes the high tide and washes the cones away! Here is an example of living with a scarcity attitude. Obviously blessed with much, yet feeling the need to claim the sand as well! Compared with an abundance attitude of celebrate with me the sunrise and the ocean’s bounty!

Which way do you think increases your resilience? Allows you to ‘roll with the punches’ with greater ease? Is a youth encouraging outlook? Creates less stress and strain inside you?

Which do you choose?

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