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Don’t rock the boat!




Sculling across life's waters










As I ran at dawn this morning I saw a sculler gliding across the smooth waters.
This is a wonderful metaphor for life and how you manage stress. let me tell you how…

The shell

If you have ever tried to scull, you will know the first obstacle is how very small and round the actual craft is! Achieving and maintaining your balance is the first challenge.

The oars

Next you possess these very long and potentially powerful, both destructively and constructively, tools.

The stroke

Your stroke consists of the catch, when you drop the oars in the water, now you are committed. Using your legs, arms, back and correct concentration, you make a strong and even pull against the water, so the shell may slide forward. At the end of the pull, you feather the blades – pick them out of the water and turn them horizontally – and slowly (unless you are in a race!) return to your starting position.

Life and work are definitely a delicate balance (shell) you have amazingly powerful coping strategies (oars) with your thinking, which can work for or against you. Before you commit to an action, focus your intent, (catch) then give it your best, motivated effort (pull). Follow up with a moment to reflect on your action (feather) as you slide back in your seat to have the next attempt.

The joy

As you master sculling and the coping strategies to manage the strain from stress, you may experience immense joy and exhilaration as you glide through your life. I wish this for you!