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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – Free won’t!

Your choice - free will AND free won't!
Your choice – free will AND free won’t!

Your choice – free will AND free won’t!

Ahhh… take a breath in and become conscious before you respond. Have you agreed, and wished you hadn’t? Have you said yes, when a NO! was screaming inside you?

You equally have a choice to use your free won’t. Gently, with consideration, and firmly say ‘No, thank you!’

Usually there are two main reactions: ‘No problem!’ Or ‘Why not?’

Your response may be your reason, or be ready with a suggested solution, that fits you better.

Just dusting off your free won’t and using it to build your resilience, means you may do your free will actions to your best ability.

In conclusion, give your free won’t a try out this week, and please let me know how it goes!

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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – transitions

 Transitions - from one state to another
Transitions – from one state to another

Shifting and buffering

Every day you are stopping something and starting something else numerous times.

Take a moment to do a gracious transition – relish the taste of your food, before that swig of coffee; take just 1-minute of square belly breathing before you start your day, and before you end your day.

Having even a mini-buffer / transition between activities, allows your brain to have closure and start fresh again. This simple activity also greatly boosts your resilience.

Try out mindful transitions for this week – please let me know your results!
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