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Mind Chi – PowerThink

Mind Chi – PowerThink  introduces: Maps for thought organisation; Memory processes; Creativity enhancement and the Mind Chi Basic routine.

This mentally stimulating session is for those who are feeling:

  •                a need for clearer thinking
  •                their memory is getting worse
  •                overwhelmed by daily information
  •                creativity needs a boost
  •                a need to ‘plan on the run’
  •                time management is slipping
  •                their presentations could improve and / or
  •                stressed and tired.

At the Mind Chi PowerThink session you will learn how to:

  •                read and make maps by hand or on the computer
  •                use maps to increase daily efficiency
  •                improve your memory – naturally
  •                clear and refine your thinking
  •                manage yourself in time
  •                tame the information tsunami
  •                increase your ‘creativity on demand’  and
  •                perform the 8 step/minute Mind Chi Basic routine.

This will mean you will enhance confidence in your mental abilities.
Mind Chi Sessions are available here or please contact Vanda@MindChi.com  to discuss your company needs.