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Chi Chat – what links creativity, change & control?

Those are three very charged words – creativity; change; control – and all of them are in great use these days, what do you think links them together?

1. A shift in thinking

All three require a shift in your thinking.
They require that you look at the world differently.
A fresh approach is necessary.

2. Different behaviours

All three require different behaviours than your habitual ones.
You will need/want to go about similar activities in atypical ways.
This will involve making new habits.

3. And an alteration of emotions

Equally important will be that all three will require the exploration of different emotions.
Along with your thinking and behaving habit patterns, you also have an emotional groove.
It is amazingly refreshing to ‘try on’ new emotional responses.

Be aware of the formulas and tools that may enhance your creativity.

4. Creativity

I just shared a session to stimulate the ‘creativity’ of a large group to help them reach their goal of innovative service. I covered two main aspects: the formulas which can help or hinder your creativity and some tools to enhance your creative accessing.

The biggest issue is that many of your formulas HINDER your creativity.
Here is the first one – if I ask you ‘On a scale of 0 (that is with effort) to 100 (bristling with creativity) how creative are you?’ And your answer is: _________________

Sadly, most people are less than 50%!
And the cruncher here is that how you feel about your creativity is your reality.
If you think you are about 22% – that is how much effort and focus you will give the situation. Change that formula and you change your reality and become more creative!

5. Change

You probably feel very differently if you are leading the change, or it is being ‘done’ to you! The main difference between these is the level of control that you feel you have.

At The Change Maker Group we provide sessions for teams, groups, charities and organisations to explore the mindsets and skills necessary for you to thrive with leading and following change.

When you own a change mentality you will make full use of your creativity to employ the full range of control that you do have.

6. Control

Probably one of the worst feelings you can experience is lack of control. This rapidly leads to hopelessness and depression. It is easy to understand how feeling you are not very creative and that change is being done to you would lead to a reinforcement that you have no control.

However, with the 8-steps of Mind Chi you know how to have control over yourself. And that is the only thing you can ever have any real control over! There is an immediate and dramatic shift in your thinking, behaviours and emotions when you realise that you have the most crucial control of all.

A wonderful side effect of boosting your creativity feeling, having the mindset to thrive on change and that you have control over yourself is that you dramatically build your resilience to whatever life may allow you to experience. A really good R.O.I.!

Please contact us if you are feeling the need to enhance your creativity.

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