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Donna Kim-Brand

Donna Kim-BrandDonna Kim-Brand, CEO of Globalearning Network LLC, is a dynamic speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator who has been in the ‘brain-training’ arena over 25 years.

She worked closely with thought-leaders Dr. Edward DeBono, Tony Buzan and Mind Chi authors North and Israel to create and disseminate their methodologies acrosscorporate, public and educational sectors in the US, UK and the MiddleEast.

Her specialty is applied thinking skills and creativity foroptimizing business and life. She is author of Creative Mindset A-Z: 26 Steps to Becoming a Creative Hotshot ; Bags of Creativity: 40 Creativity Tools for Your Creative Journey; and InSight Frames: How What You See is What You Get.  A believer in Creative Living and Giving, Donna is spearheading the Living Legacy Movement to guide and connect people in living their lives as a Legacy going forward.

You can find out more about Donna on her website at http://www.donnakimbrand.com/

Creative Infidelity

Donna Kim-Brand

Popular topic these days, infidelity; and no, I’m not going to give you ’50 Creative Ways to Leave Your Spouse’. What I’m referring to here is a dynamic based on a new niche in psychology referred to as memetics, as popularized in Richard Brodie’s book Virus of the Mind. He defines a ‘meme’ as an idea, or unit of information, in one person’s mind that self-replicates, or spreads to other minds virally. They are internal representations of knowledge, or views on how we see the world, that result in outward effects on the world. Continue reading