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Would you choose UNhappiness?

Have you consciously thought about your place on this scale?

Heading towards JOY!

Heading towards JOY!










Where are you right now? Make a mark on the arc and then, where do you want to be?  Make another mark on the arc. If they are not very close together, then here is a very simple, yet powerful daily  8 minute routine which can dramatically move you towards more JOY in your life.

You may be the same as many people with whom I work / talk / mentor / share who are on the towards burnout side of the scale – they suffer from abuse of the 3 D’s – drugs, drink and depression.  The strain of stress is taking its toll and they are on the slippery slope downwards.

Please make yourself a nice cup of tea and listen (takes 23 minutes) to this interview with Helen Winder asking Vanda North about Mind Chi. Vanda explains the Mind Chi Basic 8 step routine and the attitudes which can put you in control of you and move towards the JOY end of the scale:  Vanda North is interviewed by Helen Winder