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Barbara Homyk


Barbara Homyk

  Barbara spent over 20 years as a Senior Chemistry Specialist in the electric power industry before discovering her true calling of helping others discover their potential through Mind Chi.
She has  mentored hundreds through the Pacific Institute’s Imagine 21 program.
Barbara has raised three amazingly successful children and now channels her energy and drive into coaching clients on goal setting, stress reduction and employee engagement using Mind Chi.

CONTACT  You may contact Barbara at:
www.MindChief.com   email:  barbarahomyk@MindChi.com

Address (mail only):  69 Martin Road, Hopewell Junction,
                                           New York 12533   USA
Phone:  1 845-223-3647

Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading

The Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading session is for you if you have:

  •                a pile of unread newspapers and magazines
  •                e-mails stacked up
  •                professional papers and reports waiting for that ‘spare moment’
  •                unread books on your shelf
  •                been overwhelmed by ‘stuff to do’
  •                a reading speed less than 1000 wpm
  •                not been taught how to manage information and / or
  •                stress, strain and negative pressure building up.

At the Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading session you will learn how to:

  •                use the five speed techniques
  •                understand the role of comprehension and recall while reading
  •                match reading material and approach with your goals for it
  •                improve concentration and your reading environment
  •                capture the essence of the material
  •                master ‘screen-reading’
  •                power-browse any book in fifteen minutes and
  •                use 8 coping strategies to manage your stress.

This will enable you to manage information and yourself as you wish.
Mind Chi Sessions are available here or contact Vanda@MindChi.com to discuss your training needs