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STOP multi-tasking madness with Mind Chi!

STOP Multi-tasking!

Do YOU multi-task?

The pressure is ON to do so, people proudly wear their ‘I’m a multi-tasker’ badge. The trouble is that on the other side of that badge it says ‘And I do NOTHING well’!

That is a provocative statement and done to remind you that your brain canNOT do two things in the same band width at the same time – one or the other will suffer. Have you ever been speaking to someone on the phone and  know that they are doing their emails at the same time? Yes, you do know! And you also know that they are only paying partial attention to what you are saying, which is actually rude. Better to say ‘I just have a few minutes, how can I help you?’ And then concentrate afterwards on the email, so you don’t push send before you have double checked it.

It IS possible to do several tasks at the same time that operate in different parts of your brain, so cooking a dish that you know well while talking on the phone are ok – as long as you don’t need to concentrate.

Multi-tasking is the source of that constant stressed feeling, it is what tires you so, it doubles the pressure on you, whilst diminishing your effectiveness.

You also miss out on the beautiful feeling of concentrating on just one thing – the joy of losing yourself in an activity – of truly being ‘in the flow’. These are the moments that re-fuel your brain, stimulate your creativity, energise you and make you feel life and work are worthwhile. Further, you will be quite amazed at what you can achieve in even a 15 minute time of uninterrupted thought, better than in a whole day sometimes.

So fight back! Take care of your brain, let it work well for you and enjoy the benefits.