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Mind Chi becomes a global meme

In only 6 months of Mind Chi life….. the book is already in most English speaking countries.
Vanda did a Mind Chi world tour in March 2010 and saw Mind Chi in the airports and book
shops of: India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and America.

As well as an English copy, Mind Chi is now translated into German and in book shops there.

Recently Polish; Arabic; Thai and Indonesian publishers have requested Mind Chi and so the
Mind Chi meme will be spreading to those countries very soon.

A meme is a thought, pattern or idea that is spread from person to person. Why not make life
work better for you? Start today with JUST 8 minutes of the Mind Chi Basic (the free instructions
are available from https://www.mindchi.com/index.php/what-is-mind-chi/).

You also may wish to consider becoming a Mind Chi Mentor, adding the Mind Chi meme to
your coaching, training or speaking topics. 

Make your life Mind Chi-easy!