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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – the rest of the story…

We all ‘know’ certain things, and then something happens that makes you ‘know’ it at a deeper level!

When you experience something, all your beliefs, memories, culture, personality and temperament cause you to ‘see’ it a certain way. It is NOT as it really is, just as you see / experience it.

And you forget that! And you judge based on your reality, not the rest of the story!

And what is the rest of the story?

Do you know the story behind the story? Do you care enough to ask, dive deeper or try to find out the why?

Or do you act on your ‘reality’, sharing it with others as though it was a truth? Being indignant, righteous, and judging other’s actions? Do you assume? And I am sure you know the saying, that to assume makes an ‘ass (of) you and me’.

Mea culpa!

Photo by John Spiers – Mea culpa!

Mea culpa! I wrote about the attitudes of scarcity (scare city) and abundance (a bun dance), and I used the photo of a mansion and the ‘private, no trespassing’ signs. Since then, heavy duty wooden fence posts with strong rope have been extended across the beach.

However, one day as I was walking the beach, collecting human’s plastic waste from the ocean, the owner came out. ‘Would you like a bucket?’ she enquires. I thanked her and explained my bag was easier to carry. On my return, the owner and a bucket are waiting for me.

Of course we started chatting. I discover she has planted a great area of sea oats (these are native beach plants) and was trying to protect them. The heavy duty fence was for this and to stop the beach vehicles from driving up and down. She thanked me for my work on plastic collection, and said she would put out a bucket for me every day.

Restrain your natural judgement urge!

So the story behind the story, got me to really rethink how often I judge! Who gives me that right? And how often am I so wrong? If I knew the rest of the story, how differently would I feel? I am freshly resolved to wait, ask and learn before I think I know!

I thought of the story of Christmas eve, when the German & British troops put down arms and discovered they shared the same lives, families, work, hopes, values and how difficult then to kill each other.

Would we have a better world, less stress, more resilience and joy if we just learned a bit more before we think we know? I hope this serves you well, if you find you too may occasionally judge!

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