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Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

                                                                                                                        28 days later            NOW         Resilience Scale:                                                                                         Yes        No         Yes     No                                                                                                            

  1. Do you often recall negative episodes that have occurred?
  2. Do you wallow in a negative situation?
  3. Do you feel that you are the ‘victim’?
  4. Do you think that negative is more real than positive?
  5. Do you lack the energy to want to try?
  6. Do you often use the words: ‘never’; ‘everything’; ‘always’?
  7. Do you feel that there is always a positive solution?
  8. Do you know that you will be able to manage?
  9. Do you mostly feel you are in control of yourself?
  10. Do you have ‘coping strategies’?
  11. Do you feel basically ‘hopeful’?
  12. Do you think in a realistically positive way?

Before filling in the 28 days later responses, please fold the right hand side columns over to cover your NOW! answers.

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How to boil a frog!

How to boil a frog!

There is a story which says that if you put a frog in cold water and then slowly heat it, it just stays there and quietly boils to death! (Note: NO frogs were hurt because of this article.)
And so, what about you?  Are you about to be boiled to death?

You manage the strain from stressors – work, home & life stressors – and slowly they build and build. At work are you experiencing demanding work hours, toxic co-workers, poor communications and work/life balance, just to name a few?  Each one gently heats up the water around you and you think you can take it, until the water is boiling and you are suffering not just with the strain from stress, but all the way to total burnout.

 Are you experiencing any of these eight warning signs?

 1. You have frequent insomnia

Have you found yourself tossing and turning many nights at the thought of having to return to that wretched job/situation you just can’t stomach? Unfortunately, displeasure with a job, a boss, co-worker or friend may affect your sleep patterns, which in turn starts to affect your health and resilience.

2. You feel angry and hostile

Have you felt frequent anger and hostility towards your employer, co-workers or family for any reason? Beware, as anger and hostility are the emotions most strongly associated with heart disease.

3. You feel anxious, fearful and/or uneasy

Do you anticipate some form of bad news, criticism or just bad attitudes?  Sometimes it is just a faceless, energy sapping fear. These stressors should not be ignored as they may lead to emotional and physical distress.

4. You’re frequently sick

Are you surrounded by co-workers or family who are constantly sneezing, wheezing and coughing in or around your personal space? Germs and dust mites consistently congregating on your phone, computer and door handles may lead to several bouts of sickness throughout the year.

5. Your workplace / home is noisy

Are you in an open office space or a noisy neighbourhood? Persistent exposure to loud noises may not only affect your hearing, they may also cause unnecessary headaches.

6. You are starting to put on weight

Are you sitting at a desk / in front of the TV most of the day?  If so, you need to watch the food and drinks you are consuming. Stop the weight from slowly creeping up.

7. You are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome and/or lower back pain

Repetitive motions of typing, clicking your mouse, or answering your phone, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome which consists of sharp pain, tingling, numbness, and itching. Additionally, sitting for hours with bad posture may have a terrible toll on your back and body. As this may cause actual nerve damage requiring surgery, take precaution by purchasing ergonomic items to relieve the stress.

8. You suffer from low self-concept and/or confidence

The feeling of a lack of control with how, where, when and with whom you have to work or live is a major cause of stress and the inability to function at your best. Over time this can lead to depression.

These are your warning signs, if you are experiencing several of them; know your water is getting close to boiling. There is much you can do to fight back. There will be a second blog to offset these warning signs – stay tuned!  Please visit www.MindChi.com for a daily 8 minute routine which can also counter these negative effects.