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What causes YOU to feel stressed?


What causes you to feel the strain of stress?

What causes you to feel the strain of stress?

Check in with yourself…
Are you feeling stressed?  Not sleeping well? Frequently feeling tired? Often a bit irritable?
Putting on weight?  Lacking in self-confidence? Not laughing and playing much?

Sometimes the strain of stress creeps up on you slowly, it usually shows up in what I call your ‘soft spot’. That is the bit of you that waves the ‘danger’ flag first! Do you catch colds easily? Have an upset tummy? Experience headaches? Whatever is your most frequent ailment, if you check back, you will likely discover that recently some situation has been a stressor in your life.

You need a coping strategy! The stressor will probably not go away, so the only thing to do is to look at what you can do about your response to that stressor.

I am asking you to tell me your biggest and baddest (in the old fashioned meaning of the word) stressor and then I will write a blog offering some coping strategies for you to experience.

Looking forward to seeing from you!

8 ways to morph stress into spring and bounce!

Spring is at its most bountiful, here in the UK. My garden is full of daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, primroses and heather! In the newly weeded ground my newly planted seeds are already showing the teeny green sprouts which will yield salad crops, beans and peas – a total delight. In the fields the lambs are actually gamboling and the abundance of colours of the fresh leaves is amazing.

Chi in spring, with spring!

Chi in spring, with spring!


So, what about you? Do you feel spring like? Do you want to sing for joy as you start your day? Are you up for a gambol across a meadow?

Are you aware that it is almost impossible to hold opposing thoughts in your brain? If you are angry can you feel peaceful at the same time? Therefore by concentrating on positive actions, thoughts, emotions and behaviours you will push the negative, acid creating ones out of your brain. And there is yet another benefit, when you are feeling basically good and happy you can positively affect the mirror neurons of those around you. Have you noticed that some people can ‘lighten’ the room as they enter (and others can do the opposite)? Care of how create your inner ‘soup’ either may build resilience and strength or may, over years compound to very negative health results.  YOU are in control, start with these 8 simple steps and continue to perform your Mind Chi 8 minute routine every day.

Here are 8 ways to morph your stress  and increase your spring, bounce and joy of life!

  1. Have a luxurious stretch before you hop out of bed.
  2. Put your alarm on music NOT the news. (Set it at 5 minutes past the hour.)
  3. When you first see yourself in the mirror, give yourself a big smile.
  4. Wear some funny, slinky or different underwear or socks. (Be happy all under!)
  5. Only listen/watch the news AFTER your day has well started (if you must!)
  6. Make your first comment to family, friends or workers a positive one with a smile.
  7. Watch out for and mentally (or out loud) comment on nice things you see.
  8. Perform your Mind Chi Basic 8 minute routine and every day will have a spring to it!