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Mind Chi Party – Whine with Wine – get it OFF your chest!

A really fun, participatory evening  of whining with wine! A chance to ‘get it off your chest’ and grab the reins of control. Gather a group of your friends, or celebrate a special occasion:birthday; ‘hen’ party; new job; leaving your job! new house; pamper party or even divorce!

What is included?

Mind Chi Party Time!

  • A magic Mind Chi Stress board
  • An opportunity to whine with a glass of wine
  • Take the Mind Chi Breath check
  • Make your BEAT a happy, high energy one!
  • Meet and befriend ‘Chi’ – your new best friend and supporter
  • Take-away 3 – 8 practical steps to grab the reins of control
  • Have some special pampering so your whining becomes a whimper!
  • Make a Mind Chi Mapplan to care for YOU!

Where does your Mind Chi Party take place, for how long and what cost?

Your Mind Chi Party can take place in your own home (as long as there is a Mind Chi Mentor in your area), or a local room (the hire cost would be your responsibility).
Please invite a minimum of 10 people. Your Mind Chi Whine with Wine party will last for 2 hours (of course you may continue!)
You – the host – may provide ‘nibbles’ or Mind Chi will do that for the cost. Mind Chi will provide up to 2 glasses of wine / juice per person. The Mind Chi Whine with Wine party costs from £26.00 per person (10 – 20 people) – the price ranges for bespoke parties to suit your celebration we may bring additional guests for entertainment. (Such as a massage therapist; drum leader or saucy wine server!)