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3 Ways to Improve Your Working Memory

According to the National Center for Biological Information, working memory provides temporary storage of information and the ability to manipulate this information for cognitive tasks. In layman’s terms – working memory is the ability not only to recall things but use that information to complete tasks. As you can imagine, working memory is necessary for multiple areas of your life such as remembering instructions, maintaining focus and learning new skills. A poor working memory can make life difficult but luckily there are multiple ways to improve it:

Mind Chi

Mind Chi can be a great way to improve your memory! Pay special attention to Mind Chi steps 2, 3 and 4 which attend to memory and focus. Step 2 looks at focusing and eliminating all distractions. Steps 3 and 4 are concerned with recalling and reviewing the last 24 hours – a technique used by memory champion Scott Hagwood, among other elite individuals. These exercises are particularly helpful in today’s day and age where our ageing population begin to struggle with certain necessary cognitive tasks as they get older. 

DnB training

Dual n Back training is a programme of brain exercises designed to improve fluid intelligence. It rose to prominence after being the first programme proven to improve IQ in adults, but it has also been shown to improve working memory. There are many great ways you can use DnB exercises to improve working memory including free software packages such as Brain Workshop and streamlined DnB training which you can incorporate into exercises you can do on your computer every day. This kind of program is best utilized by applying yourself for around 30 minutes a day. With consistent effort you should start to enjoy improvements within two weeks. 


Mindfulness is the mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, a similar philosophy to Mind Chi step two. A 2013 study from Psychological Science proved that a two week mindfulness course improved working memory. The participants in the study also showed improved scores on the Graduate Record Examinations, the standard test for graduate school in the United States. It’s clear that mindfulness, focus, awareness and memory are all interconnected – a holistic philosophy fully embraced by Mind Chi. 

It is clear that the myth that working memory is inherited and that you are stuck with what you are born with has been refuted. There are a variety of methods out there to improve your working memory and reap the benefits. Good luck in your efforts. 

Thanks to a guest writer, Jackie Edwards, for this article to improve your faith in your marvelous memory!

New Year Reflection-Projection maps – not too late!

Reflect and project

Reflect and project

OK – we are two weeks into 2016 and for many the reality of the new year is just sinking in and the other sinking feeling is that oops! We still haven’t started do do / think / plan for it!


So if you missed the wonderful ‘lull’ between Christmas and the New Year and are just starting NOW, one idea may be to do some reflection linked with projection so that you can still start within the first month and write the year YOU want.

I started two maps at the same time. I use a hand drawn one for my reflection map and the computer one for my projection map, I like to do the projection map on the computer, so I can add to it as the year goes by and ‘life’ happens!

First go month by month through your diary / work calendar / electronic calendar and remind yourself what happened and note anything of significance on your reflection map. Decide on your main branches, this year mine were: Family/friends; my business; the home; me and specially loving things. At the same time I started my projection map, my starting branches were: home projects; things to achieve; things to explore; fun stuff; family/friends and beingness (physical & mental).  Here is a blank example for you:
Creating my 2016

I then hopped back and forth. I started with some projections as they had been inspired by conversation with some dinner guests the night before and then went into reflection as some of the things I had (or had not) achieved in the past year, influenced what I wanted to project into the coming year.

The projection map will be put where I can see it daily as I find there is great power in a map to drive your brain to focus and achieve. I wish you a wonderfully satisfying and JOY-filled 2016!

I show my maps as an example and I hope to inspire you as they are such fun to do!

Vanda’s 2016 plans

Year in reflection

Year in reflection