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8 life lessons from gooseberry picking!

8 lessons from gooseberry picking!

8 lessons from gooseberry picking! 

Before you begin, ask yourself if you LOVE gooseberries (or what you will do with them)  because if not, you may quit and feel a ‘failure’.
Lesson 1 –  There is NO substitute for loving what you do; the reward of purpose fulfilled is boundless and the possibility of ‘success’ far greater.

Background information: It is a small gooseberry bush, less than a meter (3 feet) round, yet it contained 71/2 pounds (3.5Kg) of gooseberries! Note – Size is not an indicator of productivity!

Next, it is very easy to be pricked! The thorns are very fine and sharp and hide under leaves.
Lesson 2 – There is often some form of pain involved in any endeavour and the greater the personal investment the sweeter the success tastes.

The gooseberries are masters of disguise, they hide under leaves.
Lesson 3 – Things are not always what they seem, keep your goal firmly in mind and do not be put off.

Gooseberry picking cannot be performed quickly. You will increase the likelihood of being pricked
Lesson 4 – Sometimes slower is faster! Definitely total concentration is a benefit. NO multi-tasking!!

When you think you are done, just take a different perspective and you will see lots more!
Lesson 5 – It is important to look at whatever you create from different angles both literally and figuratively.

It is amazing how quickly your bowl of picked gooseberries fills up!
Lesson 6 – Take a moment to see how far you have come, a balance of focus on the goal and appreciation of where you started.

Then the gooseberries need ‘topping and tailing’! (Removal of the stalk and flower)
Lesson 7 – ‘The devil lies in the details’ – this ‘small’ job makes all the difference to the finished product.

To cook or eat raw? This is your next big decision, or maybe do some of both.
Lesson 8 – You are close to your just rewards, Now it is most important to make the time to ENJOY all your hard work and what you have achieved.

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