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Mind Chi Resilience & Fun Day!

Sign up for a Mind Chi Resilience & Fun day! These are mostly for ladies and are run from 10am  – 3pm.

All kinds of delights and experiences and surprises and fun and some really useful information thrown in to build your resilience.
Do you laugh often? When did you last play? Have you thought about all the good things in your life? Are you aware that what you eat can change your attitude?
All of this in a lovely, peaceful place… why not give yourself a treat? Or buy a day for a friend.

The day with lunch and breaks and all the surprises and information costs £80.00. Book 10 places and the 11th is free!

Other options are that this may be held at either Champneys or Senspa with extra treatments and the use of the facilities. These are priced on request. Sign up today! Email:  info@MindChi.com