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Grab your NOW with BEAT

Mind Chi Chat – Grab your NOW!

Yes! Here is a golden opportunity to grab your NOW! Right now! And we will tell you how!

Last week you looked at ‘Who am I right now?’. You learned how to become aware of your ‘NOW’ state – how to be really ‘present’. This was so easily achieved by a quick check of your BEAT.

Grab your NOW with your BEAT!

When you checked your BEAT, was it as you would wish it to be? Most of the time I hope that is so for you. Let’s have a quick look:
B = Body – were none of your ‘soft spots’ that wave a flag when they try to tell you strain from stress is starting to settle in, active? Everything OK? Great!
E = Emotions – which emotion room(s) were you in? Where they the most helpful for the task at hand?
A = Actions – was there only the energy required for the task you were performing being used?
T = Thoughts – those voices in your head, what were they saying to you? Was it helpful and supportive?
And so in that minute (and much faster if you are on your way to an important meeting) you checked how you were right then.

Mind Chi step 6 – your chance to choose to change!

However, what if everything was NOT perfect and working as it should? What to do?
Just as quickly as you discovered how you were, you can chose to tweak any of your BEAT indicators.
For example:

B = Body – quickly release the tension from your neck by rolling your shoulders and gently moving your head
E = Emotions – fear and apprehension can be replaced by openness and flexibility
A = Actions – release your killer grip on your coffee mug, and breathe
T = Thoughts – call on your Chi-er (cheer!) leader to make helpful and supportive comments.

Your BEAT to grab your NOW!

And that is it!

On a difficult day, you may have to check your BEAT many times. However, it means that:
– you have a much better chance of responding how you would wish
– your thinking will be more strategic and open
– self-confidence will stay much higher
– stress will not be able to start to showing as strain and
– you will have energy to last you through your day.
Worth 1 minute of action, don’t you think?

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