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Love bursts

Love bursts!

February is here, the month of love, suddenly spring feels as though it is imminent and the cold, short, dark days of winter are being left behind.

Let LOVE burst forth!

Love bursts

What does ‘love’ mean for you? The love burst above is a super way to find out! When you think of ‘love’ what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Write that word on one of the lines bursting from the central image. Then think again of the word ‘love’ and catch the next word that pops into your mind, go around all 10 branches as fast as you can. Now you have completed your ‘love burst’.

What does it say about your interpretation of love? These abstract terms are so important and evocative and yet sometimes we can be communicating almost in a different language. Some people list all the people they love; some all the things, others talk of the qualities of love and some have a mix.

It can be very interesting to share this love burst with a few people you love. FIRST, give them a blank copy of the love burst and have them complete it, then you can compare with yours. Are they very different? Does it help you to understand why they behave as they do? If for you love is all about receiving flowers and external shows of affection and for the other it may be abstract concepts, if this is the case, now you understand, you can communicate and support each other much better.

completed love bursts

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