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How to be a MORE Resilient Woman – led by the ONLY Resilient Woman Warrior!

How do you handle ALL that is on your plate?From blah to ahh
Do you wonder how much longer you will be able to ‘hang in’ there?
Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

An 8 minute a day routine might be just what you need!

Other women have said:
‘I am sleeping better for the first time in years’ and ‘ Mind Chi has improved my perception of how good my life really is’ – and LOTS more here!

OK – are you interested?       Resilient Women Flier

There are several ways to  build your Resilience with Mind Chi:
1.  In a one hour Resilient Woman SOS session – own an SOS stress-bustin’ kit  – ready for stressful emergencies  – just £14.88
2.  In a half day Mind Chi Basic Resilient Woman session – super value at £40.00
– have daily resilience for whatever life throws at you
– hold the reins of control —even in the midst of chaos
– leave with nuggets to put to work for you immediately
– know how to improve your memory & concentration
– put negative events behind you—for ever!
3.  Additional 1 to 1 Resilient Woman Clinic, 40 minutes just for YOU! Special for £40.00
– sign up for Vanda to address your specific issue or question
4.  Mind Chi 40-day e-challenge to a MORE Resilient YOU!
Just £2.00 a day!
– we take you day by day to  build your new good habit with ease
-pre and post questionnaires to show your improvements OR

5. TOTAL deluxe Radiant Woman package: Includes ALL above, plus surprise extras for just £100.00 (BIG savings!)


Guaranteed delightful and thoroughly worthwhile  events —  shine with the positive effects of  gratitude, joy, play and laughter!

NEXT RADIANT WOMAN SESSION:  23rd February, 2013 in Ferndown, Dorset.
Please email Vanda@MindChi.com or phone 01202 798648 – reservations required