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8 Steps to Happiness – your visage in repose!

Are you happy?
How is your visage in repose?!

Catch yourself, or ask those close to you to check – how is your face when you are not ‘putting’ one on?
When you are within your own thoughts – in your own world?

Do you smile (even a little one)? Do you frown? Do you look serious or playful?
There is an expression (paraphrased) says ‘Blame your parents for you face until you are 30 and yourself thereafter!’ The face you wear when you think no one is looking is the one that will shape your future face
(unless you have plastic surgery)!

On this International Happiness Day give some thought to your inner feeling and your external unrehearsed expression.  Here are 8 Steps for Mind Chi Happiness – just for today!

8 steps to Mind Chi Happiness

8 steps to Mind Chi Happiness