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Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading

The Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading session is for you if you have:

  •                a pile of unread newspapers and magazines
  •                e-mails stacked up
  •                professional papers and reports waiting for that ‘spare moment’
  •                unread books on your shelf
  •                been overwhelmed by ‘stuff to do’
  •                a reading speed less than 1000 wpm
  •                not been taught how to manage information and / or
  •                stress, strain and negative pressure building up.

At the Mind Chi – InfoManage & Speedy-reading session you will learn how to:

  •                use the five speed techniques
  •                understand the role of comprehension and recall while reading
  •                match reading material and approach with your goals for it
  •                improve concentration and your reading environment
  •                capture the essence of the material
  •                master ‘screen-reading’
  •                power-browse any book in fifteen minutes and
  •                use 8 coping strategies to manage your stress.

This will enable you to manage information and yourself as you wish.
Mind Chi Sessions are available here or contact Vanda@MindChi.com to discuss your training needs