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A beautiful concept – Kintsukuroi

More beautiful for having been broken

More beautiful for having been broken

What a beautiful concept!

Who among us has not felt ‘broken’ at some time? (Maybe you are feeling  broken as you read this.)  Are you stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed, beaten down, don’t know how you’ll carry on?

How true that with the passing of some time, those ‘breakages’ provide us the opportunity to return stronger, richer, wiser and more beautiful than we were before.

So repair yourself with love, understanding, patience, respect, encouragement  and a good dose of humour. Build your resilience and coping strategies (Mind Chi is wonderful at this) literally re-wire your brain for strength and success.

The past is past – move on, leave the hurt behind and only take the lessons – so very much lighter to carry.

Please share this with any you know who may benefit.