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Make a ‘Brag Book’ for the one you love!

Want an UNUSUAL Valentine’s gift – how about a ‘Brag’ Book?

Got a special someone in your life?
Wondering what to get them for this Valentine’s Day that is a bit different and doesn’t cost a mint?

An 'empty' book makes a perfect 'Brag Book'!

An ’empty’ book makes a perfect ‘Brag Book’!

Look no further – the Brag book is your answer!!

You may already have one of those wonderful ‘empty’ books – blank pages just waiting for something to be written on them – this was one I had!

Next, I started to think about all the (mostly) little, thoughtful, considerate, funny, special and loving things my partner did or does for or with me.  I jotted about 6 – 10 of them down.  Then I wrote one on each page, randomly distributed throughout the book.

Brag Book Intro

Brag Book Intro

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it keeps giving; every now and then I will update it, adding all the new items on more random pages.

I began this several years ago now and this book is nearly FULL!

I RE-give it every now and then, for a birthday, when I might have to be away, or when a boost of happiness is needed – it gives BOTH of us such joy, in creating, reading and re-reading it. May it bring you as much happiness as it has brought us!

Pages from our Brag Book

Pages from our Brag Book