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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday – time, drinks & appearance horrors!

And 24 more ways to have Mind Chi holiday happiness…

This week we look at the issue of time, drinks and your appearance. All these can be exacerbated sources of upset, stress and depression at this time of the year.

The ‘time’ holiday horror and how to overcome it!

If you normally feel time poor, now you have to add an enormously long list of extra things to do, buy, get, organise, go and be! I notice that time management has recently become a major issue for many again. Very opportune that my dear friend and colleague, Simon Phillips has just written a book called ‘Dynamic Time Management’ so you may ‘balance your life your way!’ Here are 8 more ways to push back against the doom of the everlasting tick of the clock.

Xmas joys from Chi
Xmas joys from Santa Chi

The ‘drinks; horror and how to overcome it!

The next horror is the over-availability of drinks and the ease to over indulge. Please do not feel that you have to push drinks on people to be the perfect host/ess. Please do have non-alcoholic options invitingly available. And PLEASE, if someone says ‘No thank you’ to a drink, do NOT try to convince them they should.

The ‘appearance’ horror and how to overcome it!

And the final holiday horror for this week, is about your appearance. A slightly different tack we would like to offer is to consider the relationship of your appearance to your attitude. How do you feel about yourself. Stop for a moment, what do you first notice about someone? What is your facial expression? What is your energy level? How do you hold yourself? These aspects talk much louder than what clothes you are wearing.

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