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The gifts of the season

Marvelous Mind Chi Monday

Cooking up the fruits of the season!

Embrace the changes

September, the launch of a shift of seasons.

With each change comes the possibility of new gifts – if you stay open and look out for them.

Resilience is enhanced by embracing the changes, remaining flexible, seeking the opportunities, and enJOYing what you have.

A little foraging, careful picking among the stinging nettles and razor sharp thorns, serenaded by bird song, warmed by the sun, and the result is abundant blackberries.
Now bubbling away and becoming blackberry jelly.

In conclusion, make the most of all you DO have!

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Marvelous Mind Chi Monday

The power of the negative push or the positive pull


Are you decided or undecided? How do you go abut making your decisions? Do you realise that NOT making a decision IS a decision?!
For many the negative PUSH has to be very strong before a decision is taken.
Experience what you want, making a positive PULL feel much nicer.

So, what is YOUR decision?!

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