The 8 Mind Chi Ways to Contentment and Joy in 2012

Having been on this planet for 65 years, I have discovered that a few, very simple things can make a real difference to the amount of contentment and joy you experience on a daily basis.  Please note that I used the words contentment and joy, not just happiness.

In my world ‘contentment’ means a certain serenity, acceptance and ease and ‘joy’ is a deep feeling of bliss, exultation, ecstasy, these terms feel much broader and more fulfilling than just happiness.

So we are aiming high! The other important aspect is that with contentment and joy you may not have a big grin on your face however you do have a gentle smile or a peaceful repose both inside and out!

Below is a Mapplan of the 8 Mind Chi Ways to Contentment and Joy, each topic will be addressed in sucessive blogs, so you may try out one a day!

These are ALL important, you may wish to select the ones that appeal most, or you know you really need, or work your way round the Mind Chi Mapplan – whichever way, a brief explanation for each Mind Chi ways to Contentment and Joy will be in the following blogs.

(c) Mind Chi 2012