The EVERYTHING Holiday Horror and the Mind Chi Happiness to Overcome it

This is actually Holiday Horror # 9 – an extra one – we feel it is so important and can impact ALL the other 8 – so we have put it here!

 9.  Expecting to be EVERYTHING to everyone

I saw that someone called this Generation E!
Because you are Expecting to be Everything to Everyone!
It especially afflicts women and maybe the slightly older woman.
You were probably brought up to ‘serve’ everyone and to put yourself LAST.
My Mum had it to the extreme of realy ONLY doing what OTHERS wanted,
so ‘Would YOU like a cup of tea?’ was her way of saying ‘I’d love a cup of tea!’
At some deeply subtle level you feel expected to ‘do’ everything for everyone.
You think (sorry, KNOW) you are indispensible – well who else will do it?!
And certainly do it ‘right’?
This is actually a dis-service to all those you love and especially to yourself.

You can probably add some more EVERYTHING horrors as well. So, what to do?

Mind Chi Holiday Happiness – REWIRE YOUR BRAIN!

At a deep level you need to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN and no, this is not painful!
In fact it is probably the most liberating, energising, fast and simple thing you have ever done.
It takes just 8 minutes a day to perform the Mind Chi Basic routine,
it requires no special equipment and you can do it anywhere (well, not while driving!)

For a quick introduction to the Mind Chi Basic 8 steps FREE – follow this link:
Or for the full chapter from the Mind Chi book which explains the Mind Chi Basic 8 step
– 8 minute routine. follow this link (where it says ‘Mind Chi Chapter 4’) :
You do a DIS-SERVICE to those you love by doing everything for them. How?
Well you are saying ‘YOU are not capable of doing this, so I must.’
You are making them your master and you their SLAVE – not a fulfilling role for either of you!

You can BLAME them that you are tired, unwell, unable – all their fault.
You give away your POWER to them and let them be in CONTROL of you.

And what are you doing to YOURSELF?
Also a DIS-SERVICE! You are wearing yourself out so you are no good to anyone
and STRAINING yourself with all the extra stress you put on yourself.
Because you have now TRAINED everyone to expect you to do everything,
you will need to have a discussion with them so you may both  change your

So REWIRE YOUR BRAIN, take the reins of control into your hands.
Allow those you love to grow and be recognised as competent and
you be the you that you have always wanted to be! En-JOY!!!

To recap, the 8 positive actions for Mind Chi Holiday Happiness to overcome the Horror of ‘Expecting to be EVERYTHING to everyone’ during the Holiday (and the rest of the time!):

1. Start to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN – 8 minutes a day with Mind Chi.
2. Follow the links above – download and SAVE – then DO for 28 days in a row.
3. Know that you are (in the nicest way) DISPENSIBLE!
4. Gently TRANSITION so THEY may be responsible
5. If necessary TEACH them! Let them take ownership.
6. Become MASTER of yourself, NOT everyone’s slave.
7. Discuss and agree about everyone’s BEHAVIOURS and EXPECTATIONS.
8. ‘BLAME’ yourself for creating a life you ENJOY!

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