The FAST way to read the Mind Chi book

Have you bought the Mind Chi book?

The Mind Chi book

The Mind Chi book

Was it a little fatter than you expected?

As most people read at only 200 words per minute, don’t let this delay your  tucking in.
(You may also wish to attend a Mind Chi Speedy-reading session)

So worry not!

Here are the 8-steps to start having the BENEFITS of Mind Chi very quickly:

  1. Just SKIM through pages 1 – 42 to become used to some terms
    Then,READ pages 43 – 70 this is the explanation of the Mind Chi Basic 8 minute routine
  2. Go to our web site and download the map and Mind Chi Basic 8 page as an easy reminder
  3. COMPLETE the Mind Chi stress & resilience questionnaires as a pre-test
    DO the Mind Chi Basic for your 28 days. Mind Chi-easy!!
  4. During this time glance at Part 2 (pages 71 – 134) – Mind Chi in Action, to start to plan your next stage
  5. Look at Part 3 (pages 135 – 256) – 50 Mind Chi Plans – Strategies for Success and select possible strategies to either solve a problem or achieve a goal
  6. DECIDE if you wish to select one of the 50 Mind Chi Strategies (Part 3)
    or make your own (Part 2)
    or just keep doing the Mind Chi Basic – EVERY way, YOU are the winner!
  7. Part 4 (pages 257 – 319) – Mind Chi Plus is an introduction to the amazing news about your brain and the research that makes Mind Chi so effective – dip into this section to discover WHY Mind Chi is so brain-compatible and friendly – and WORKS!
  8. Perform your Mind Chi routine for 28-days and experience the difference it has made in your life. Take the Mind Chi post-questionnaire, so you are sure!

Mind Chi is the manual to assist you to manage your mental energy more efficiently,
resist the ravages of stress and strain and become more resilient – please let it serve you.  To reach Vanda, please click here: And for more information for ‘Resilience for Change’ it is here: