The FAST way to read the Mind Chi book

Have you bought the Mind Chi book?
Was it a little fatter than you expected?

As most people read at only 200 words per minute, don’t let this delay your  tucking in.
(You may also wish to attend a Mind Chi Speedy-reading session)

So worry not! Here is what to do to start having the BENEFITS of Mind Chi very quickly:

Just SKIM through pages 1 – 42 to become used to some terms.
Then,READ pages 43 – 70 this is the explanation of the Mind Chi Basic 8 minute routine.

Go to our web site and download the map and Mind Chi Basic 8 page as an easy reminder:

COMPLETE the Mind Chi stress & resilience questionnaires as a pre-test.
DO the Mind Chi Basic for your 28 days. Mind Chi-easy!!

During this time glance at Part 2 (pages 71 – 134) – Mind Chi in Action, to start to plan your next stage.
Look at Part 3 (pages 135 – 256) – 50 Mind Chi Plans – Strategies for Success and select possible strategies to either solve a problem or achieve a goal.

DECIDE if you wish to select one of the 50 Mind Chi Strategies (Part 3) or make your own (Part 2)
or just keep doing the Mind Chi Basic – EVERY way, YOU are the winner!

Part 4 (pages 257 – 319) – Mind Chi Plus is an introduction to the amazing news about your brain and the
research that makes Mind Chi so effective – dip into this section to discover WHY Mind Chi is so brain-compatible and friendly – and WORKS!

Mind Chi is the manual to assist you to manage your mental energy more efficiently,
resist the ravages of stress and strain and become more resilient – please let it serve you.