The Mind Chi Edge

The Mind Chi Edge session provides you with an 8 step/minute routine that can assist you if you need to:

  •                reduce your stress
  •                prevent burnout
  •                manage, build and direct mental (and physical) energy
  •                improve communication and relationships
  •                increase your self-concept and will power
  •                enhance your coping strategies
  •                rapidly develop new positive habits and / or
  •                build resilience.

At the Mind Chi Edge session you will learn how to:

  •                perform the 8 step/minute Mind Chi Basic routine
  •                upgrade your concentration by increasing your attention
  •                increase efficiency
  •                improve memory with a daily memory review
  •                sleep better and resist infections
  •                take control of your responses in the moment
  •                retrieve the reins of control and
  •                enhance self-confidence.

This will mean you will make your life (even more) worth living!

Mind Chi is based on four well established and effective psychological change methods (CBT;  Structural Tension;  Four R method for OCD and the Natural Memory Rhythms); eudemonics (the study of happiness); integrates the latest research on how the brain functions – the power of plasticity and eighty years of research & experience from the authors.

After the Mind Chi Basic 8 minute program is completed for 28 days, Mind Chi in Action takes the same process and applies it to 50 problems or goals most requested by business people.

The authors have extensive experience in stress management and effective brain methods for improved memory, thought organisation (mapping) and information management.

Attendees will learn the Mind Chi Basic 8 minute program and see how to apply it to any area of their lives they would like to improve.

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