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How to help your teen develop resilience

Join Vanda North to glean ways your teen can integrate simple and effective ways to build their self confidence and manage all those stressful exams and relationships and discovering their place in this world.

Your 2nd pulse – purpose power

Everything you need and want to know about renewing, refreshing, remembering or recreating your purpose on this planet. Your reward is energy, joy, resilience and motivation – well worthwhile!

Dealing with Problems and Change

NOW HALF PRICE! Everything you ever wanted to know about dealing with problems and change. Practical, flexible and targeted to provide immediate assistance. This is a course in a booklet, […]

Change Wisdom

Change Wisdom: Insights from successful change makers to guide your future. Twelve passionate Change Makers share their knowledge and experience. ‘Change Wisdom’ is the result. It is a valuable resource […]

Get Ahead: mind map your way to success

by  vanda north  (Author), tony buzan  (Editor) A practical, easily applicable to life, simple process that works the same way as your brain IN your head – only on paper! Improve your […]

The Spark: A true tale of a little thing that can make a big, positive difference!

Gifts of love and recognition through ‘Sparking’. Everyone needs a Spark sometimes. And everyone can be a Sparker. Join the rapidly growing global group of ‘Sparkers’ who are enhancing their […]

Mind Chi – Rewire your brain in 8 minutes a day

Mind Chi shows you how to manage any strain from stress and build your resilience. This simple 8-step/minute daily routine puts the reins of control over you and your responses […]