The Salesperson’s Number One Challenge

Richard Israel

Just about every sales book crowding the shelves of book stores, libraries or sitting on sales manager’s desks cover the same topics: setting sales goals, copying with rejection, cold calling, closing sales, follow ups, time management, beating competition and so on. Most sales people during the course of their careers have read at least one of those books or attended a sales workshop on these very subjects.

So why are so few of these insightful techniques actually applied?
Management guru Peter F. Drucker explains the problem this way: “Resistance. What you have to do and the ways you do it are incredibly simple.  Whether you are willing to do it is another matter.”

Why is there a part of us that is so resistant? Does the brain want to protect us from taking risks, or is it unwilling to let us move out of our comfort zone?

Up to now this has been an intellectual exercise, something you think and talk about. But thinking and talking are not going to push you through that resistance barrier. You need more of yourself involved in the process and by that we mean the four aspects that make up YOU. We call these four aspects your BEAT (Body, Emotions, Actions and Thinking).

If your (Body) is distracted by being tired or hungry and you are feeling a bit depressed (Emotions)while you are walking to your office (Actions) and (Thinking) that you would rather watch the afternoon movie on TV, you are not aligned to cold calling in your BEAT and can forget about any positive results for that day.

And here’s where a revolutionary new process comes to your aid. In the innovative book, “Mind Chi, Re-wire Your Brain in 8 minutes a day” the authors spell out exactly how to align your BEAT so all four parts work together to assist you in reaching the outcome you desire, that of enjoying cold calling and being effective.

Here’s a quick introduction of how the technique works. First you have to establish your present BEAT: where you are in this moment of time. It’s Wednesday, after lunch and although you know you need to make cold calls you just don’t feel up to it (Emotion). After all you just had a large lunch and are full and relaxed (Body). As you walk back to the office (Action) you consider how a lazy afternoon seems so appealing (Thinking). This state is known as your current reality. It is a very powerful awareness to be in the ‘now’ present state of mind. But what to do about it? Armed with your new Mind Chi (mental technology) you take several deep breaths and reprogram yourself. You mentally see yourself in the office making cold calls (Action), feeling happy with some successes (Emotion), you are still relaxed but now focused (Body) as you plan your conversation with a prospect on the phone (Thinking).

This is where the new brain stuff kicks in. We now know that the brain is plastic and is continually changing second by second. By using a technique termed, ‘flexible focus’, you quickly observe your current reality BEAT, immediately switch to the desired BEAT and concentrate your mind on the necessary goal. Voila! You have reprogrammed your thinking and can now enjoy being in your new, efficient and productive Mind Chi BEAT state.

“Mind Chi” is based on the latest brain research and psychological processes. In just seconds you can have your desired Mind Chi BEAT. You can overcome your own resistance and achieve what you want and need to do. What more could you ask for? No more willing it, now you can just do it. Make it Mind Chi-efficient!


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