Vanda North, Founder of Mind Chi Ltd.

Vanda’s mission statement:  Vanda’s purpose on this planet is to remind people of – and return them to – their naturally joyous state!
Vanda’s seminars take a very down to earth, practical approach to help people experience how to develop their own methods to resist the strain of life’s stress, enhance coping strategies and build resilience through ‘Mind Chi’. She also shares how to ‘Think, Learn, Create and Manage Information’ more effectively and enjoyably through Mind Chi Applied strategies.

Vanda fosters success in others!

Vanda North, Founder of Mind Chi Ltd.

Her experience spans the world, coaching top-level executives to working with Learning Disabilities (or Differences as she prefers to call them) and working with 1 up to 10,000 people at a time.

Vanda currently is:

Founder & CEO of Mind Chi Ltd. – Vanda is excited to be the Founder and CEO of Mind Chi Ltd. She divides her time between sharing Mind Chi to audiences all over the world and creating the new Mind Chi Franchise

She is also an active member of the ‘Champions Club Community’ a charity dedicated to ‘Inspiring and enabling all people to make a difference in their own and others’ lives’. If you too, wish to ‘Make a Difference’, please join us.

Vanda’s experience:

  • Founder & CEO of Buzan Centres world wide, launching Tony Buzan’s work through a global network of licensed instructors for 20 years. During that time, Vanda taught mental literacy skills to over 100,000
  • people from 50 countries worldwide. She has been instrumental in leading and coaching over 700 instructors who have since gone on to run corporations, author books and function more successfully and enjoyably in business and life.
  • Founder & CEO of Volunteers Upholding Education, Palm Beach County School System in Florida, training 5000 volunteers and corporate members to assist in education for 12 years. Here Vanda initiated one of the first school volunteer programs involving business & education partnerships. She became a global leader in writing and modelling excellent volunteer management strategies and training.
  • Past President of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching conducting their largest global educational conference. For 8 years Vanda was a leader in research, practical application and dissemination of accelerated learning methods.
  • Home Economist for Florida Power & Light Company, conducting cooking shows for thousands.
  • A lecturer for UniLever Brothers, travelling the UK as a member of the Education Unit for 4 years.
  • Vanda’s inspiration has been sought after by leading organizations, a few examples are: Electronic Data Systems, IBM, Digital, Boeing, Oracle, BT., Wellcome, CLSA, Management Centre Europe, SC Johnsons, Billiton, Flour Daniel, CLSA, educational institutions and governments in many countries.

Projects and future:

Vanda is currently the Founder & CEO of Mind Chi Ltd. Mind Chi – based on the book – shows how to rewire your brain in just 8 minutes a day. This allows you to control the ravages of stress, build your resilience and direct your mental energy for greater success in business and life. Vanda also conducts a range of seminars related to ‘The Art of Self Leadership’ based on her lessons from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Some topics are: ‘Think, Learn & Create’;’ Managing Change’: ‘Did I Say What You Thought You Heard’; ‘Living History’ and ‘Happiness & Wellness’. Her ‘Joyshops’ are also highly acclaimed for creating positive change in peoples’ lives.

She has written several books, the most recent, ‘Mind Chi – rewire your brain in 8 minutes a day – 50 strategies for success in business & life’ already in 8 languages. Also, the best seller “Get Ahead” now translated into 9 languages, and “The Spark” as well as many training manuals in the areas of business management and wellness. Nightingale Conant launched her ‘Joy Journey’ program in 2000, which is receiving profound reviews.

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