What causes YOU to feel stressed?


What causes you to feel the strain of stress?

What causes you to feel the strain of stress?

Check in with yourself…
Are you feeling stressed?  Not sleeping well? Frequently feeling tired? Often a bit irritable?
Putting on weight?  Lacking in self-confidence? Not laughing and playing much?

Sometimes the strain of stress creeps up on you slowly, it usually shows up in what I call your ‘soft spot’. That is the bit of you that waves the ‘danger’ flag first! Do you catch colds easily? Have an upset tummy? Experience headaches? Whatever is your most frequent ailment, if you check back, you will likely discover that recently some situation has been a stressor in your life.

You need a coping strategy! The stressor will probably not go away, so the only thing to do is to look at what you can do about your response to that stressor.

I am asking you to tell me your biggest and baddest (in the old fashioned meaning of the word) stressor and then I will write a blog offering some coping strategies for you to experience.

Looking forward to seeing from you!