What is Mind Chi?

Mind Chi – from stressed to energised; from burnout to resilient!

The Mind Chi process is unique – there is no other condensed, comprehensive and consolidated routine, which is well founded in proven effective psychological therapies, the latest brain research and eudemonics (the study of happiness). Plus 95 years of using, sharing and refining by Richard & Vanda!

These are all applied to assisting you to function more effectively and enjoyably, become more resilient to the strain of life’s stress and have a range of coping strategies.

Mind Chi Benefits for YOU

An investment of JUST 8-minutes a day may improve your life dramatically!

With Mind Chi 8-minutes a day you may experience:

  •     More energy throughout your workday               
  •     Increased energy at the end of your day!
  •     Improved sleep
  •     Upgraded memory
  •     Better concentration
  •     Making decisions more easily
  •     Clearer thinking
  •     Raised positive inner thoughts
  •     Stronger self-confidence
  •     Resilience to the strain of life’s stress
  •     Enriched work/life balance
  •     General better health
  •     Additional coping strategies for life
  • Holding the reins of control over you!
  • Being change-resilient

Why not take the Mind Chi Stress questionnaire NOW?  
Then perform the Mind Chi Basic 8-steps in JUST 8-minutes routine for 28-days and take the Mind Chi Stress Questionnaire AGAIN.  See the difference for yourself!

What is in the Mind Chi book?

Mind Chi is really a manual! You have 339 jam-packed pages of easy, practical and remarkably powerfully effective suggestions.

There are 4 main sections – please read them in any order!

Part 1 – Mind Chi kick-off – explains the basic Mind Chi 8
Part 2 – Mind Chi in action – shows how to apply Mind Chi to a problem or goal
Part 3 – 50 Mind Chi plans – 50 strategies for increased success in business and life
Part 4 – Mind Chi plus – the foundation research forming the effectiveness of Mind Chi
Please see all the contents here:

Want MORE?

There are Mind Chi Sessions and Mind Chi Free stuff!
Come and join the Chi-earful Mind Chi-ers!

Chat to Chi here Want more on ‘Resilience for Change’?

This short animation from Patryk will help to explain Mind Chi a little more. Thanks go to Joe Albanozzo and the students from Bournemouth University for the animations
here and on the ‘Meet Chi’ page.