Yes! Work-life balance IS possible with Mind Chi!

You CAN have it all!

There has been much discussion recently about the work/life balance and ‘Having it all!’
We would like to report it IS possible! Research has just shown that 100% of the people who experienced a resilience building process called Mind Chi reported 100% improvement in their work / life balance. This is significant!
Picture a small, very busy office. The boss is frustrated and working all hours to try to get the job done and she expects the same of her staff. Lunch times – what are those? Leaving ‘on time’ is when the emails are answered and all the bits completed – except they aren’t and every day there is a list of leftover jobs that grows longer and clients becoming more demanding. Staff, even though they are very loyal, feel increasingly ‘put on’ and tempers, frustration and stress are abounding.
The boss decided to bring Mind Chi to her staff. There was discussion as to if it was best for her to be in the sessions, or whether it would inhibit the staff speaking up. Showing a lot of courage she said she would sit in as she was aware that she both had and caused stress.
The simple 8-minute routine was taught to the staff and for the next 4 weeks there was a Mind Chi session where the results of the weeks’ efforts were discussed and next step action plans were agreed. Here are some of the outcomes the whole team experienced:

  • Lunch times were taken on a shifting rota (so the office was always manned)
  • They performed the Mind Chi square breath to calm them down quickly as necessary
  • They became more sensitive to each other’s needs and didn’t ‘put’ on one giving person
  • They used the toilet as a quiet place to perform their Mind Chi 8 minute routine
  • They focused on the 20% that gave 80% of results and said ‘good bye’ to a few customers
  • They reminded each other to do their Mind Chi breaths or BEAT as needed
  • They created a book for positive comments
  • They realised that they could solve any situation with honest communication
  • They slept better and so had more energy and resilience
  • The had increased self-confidence
  • Their inner thoughts were far more positive and
  • They felt their work-life balance had improved.

The results are here and the evaluation will be conducted again in 3 and 6 months. We will write again after these are conducted to tell you the further outcomes.

Work-life balance requires two important aspects, one is the TIME to be able to do the stress reducing coping skills and the other is your attitude. How to enhance these aspects? The authors of a new book ‘Mind Chi – rewire your brain in 8 minutes a day – 50 strategies for increased success in business and life’ pondered this conundrum and crafted an unique 8 minute solution.
Based on 90 years of their own research, practice and application; tied in with proven psychological processes such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Fritz’s Structural Tension and Schwartz’s work on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) plus the application of neurological research of the plasticity of the brain and the power of mirror neurons they created this new (yet based on solidly established procedures) 8 minute routine.

Yes! All this is achieved in just 8 minutes. Everyone can make 8 minutes for themselves in a day.
Would you like some of this as well? Mind Chi can be learned from the book or the web site, in an office / health club / social or learning group, 1:1 Mind Chi Mentoring or in Resilience Days (super for team building in the office). The book ‘Mind Chi’ is on sale at

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