Your APPEARANCE Festive Holiday Horror and the Mind Chi Happiness to overcome it.

Are those jeans a bit too tight? Is that SO last year?

6.         Your APPEARANCE for the holidays

You just can’t be seen in the same outfit as you wore last year, or even the party last week?
And besides, it seems to have shrunk since last year / week anyway!

This entails a mad rush to the shops, your heart sinks, it is so crowded, no parking and people are acting like animals, pushing and shoving – wait that is actually rude to animals! What about on-line?
Yes, they can do next day delivery. Great – just in time for your party tonight, except it just doesn’t look as good on you as it did on that lovely model. Now what?!

Because you are rushing, you do not shop well. The shop attendants are rushed and so cannot really help you and your brain is actually planning the food and a gift for Auntie Rene, so you don’t think well.

There is often even more going on. That is that you are actually just not pleased with your appearance. You have noticed some lines, you are becoming ‘podgy’ and even a few grey hairs are starting to show themselves. You are just not happy in your own skin.

You can probably add some more APPEARANCE Festive Holiday Horrors as well, so what to do about it?

5.            Remember YOUR ATTITUDE – the only thing you can change

Might we suggest that it is not your clothes that need changing, but your attitude?

It is very unlikely that anyone will remember what you wore last year or even the party last night!
So maybe have ‘an outfit’ – one that symbolises the holiday or celebration for you, and that is what you wear – ‘Simples’ as they say!

Or, as all the fashion experts would suggest. Purchase ONE mix n’ match set of tops and bottoms that you can wear as dress up or down, then a few clothes go a long way.

Another thought is to wear your regular clothes, but ‘decorate’ yourself! How about a hat or something hanging round your neck, some sort of a scarf or tie, maybe a broach or button?
These are all inexpensive and easy ways to say ‘I am in the celebration mood!’

However, the most important of all is your attitude, when people look at you, what do they see?

Usually the first thing people notice is your energy – how straight are you standing? How do you move? What is your general facial expression?
Then they may look at some details – are you smiling? How are your eyes? Do you look ‘cared for’?

All these factors scream much louder than the actual outfit. Do a bit of people watching next time you are waiting for something/one. What do you notice?

8 ways to make your attitude APPEARANCE be the best it can be.

  1. Make sure that you are having enough sleep for you (varies from 4 – 8 hours) you can check this by discovering if you wake up feeling rested and ready to start your day.
  2. Eat a balanced and varied diet – all the foods that you know are ‘good’ for you – in moderate and considered meals.
  3. If you do drink alcohol, make sure it is in moderation. Balance your alcohol intake with plenty of water and juices. Resist sodas as much as possible.
  4. Look ‘cared for’ by making sure your clothes are clean and tidy. This is much more important than having the latest hot fashion label.
  5. Look ‘cared for’ in yourself as well – is your hair clean and brushed? Are your teeth clean and breath fresh?  Does your face look as though you looked at it and gave it some attention this morning? Are your hands and nails clean and manicured? And what about your feet?
  6. How are your standing and walking? Are you straight and tall? Are your shoulders back? Do you walk and move with purpose and ease?
  7. Have you a twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your lips? These are the two most flattering things you can do to make your appearance be its very best. And they are free!
  8. All of the above are easy if your attitude is one of optimism and a positive outlook on the world, suddenly you will find you have an appearance, that if you catch you reflection in repose, is one you think ‘That looks a nice person!’ And it is – it is YOU!

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