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Colour me Resilient

Which of these four colours would you choose?
If I also linked these words to the colours as a predominant temperament, would you still be happy with your colour choice?
Red = Focused;    Green = Supportive;   Blue = Analytical and Yellow = Expressive

If you really feel that the word does not suit you, pick the colour matching the word you think best describes your every-day temperament.

Next, take this Mind Chi Resilience Questionnaire

This highlights some areas where Resilience can be warn down (if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 1 through 6 and Resilience can be built UP if you answered ‘YES!’ to questions 7 through 12.

Mind Chi is now conducting an impacting 1 hour session called ‘Colour me Resilient’ filled with 8 easily do-able and practical Resilience Strategies. Mentoring and sessions available by contacting Vanda@MindChi.com



Congratulations to Nick Smith, Mind Chi Mentor now has his Masters in personal, executive and corporate coaching

Nick really is ‘THE ACHIEVEMENT COACH’ having just received his Masters  in personal, executive and corporate coaching – well done Nick!

His other achievements and connections are:
BulletRegistered Professional Member of the Association for Coaching
BulletMaster Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Registered Professional Member of the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
BulletOne of only three Mind Chi Mentors in the UK
BulletAccredited Clarity 4D Practitioner
BulletAccredited ECR Practitioner… buildinng emotional intelligence and leadership success

Nick Smith MSc set up The Achievement Coach in 2009 after a period of intensive study and practical experience to gain greater insight and understanding of this specialist field.
Passionate about the benefits of coaching, Nick believes individuals have the power to achieve great things with the right motivation and self-belief. Constantly exploring new methodologies he is also an accredited practitioner of the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), a worldwide programme that recognises emotional intelligence as a vital element in business and leadership development.

In his own life, Nick aims to achieve a good work/life balance, something to which many of his clients also aspire. He spends quality time with his family, enjoys Nordic Walking and as a member of Toastmasters International continues to develop his skills as a public speaker.

He particularly enjoys his voluntary role as a business mentor with the Prince’s Trust, an organisation dedicated to helping vulnerable young people move into work, education and training.

Nick’s belief that we are all unique, has ensured he has the right tools and knowledge to help every person he works with to achieve what they want. Nick has been enthusiastically studying, researching and practicing Mind Chi and is amazed at the personal results of everyone he has worked with, using Mind Chi. ‘My own ongoing experience with Mind Chi is one of wonderment at the way I now perceive what is possible, my improved mental energy and the gratitude with which I now enjoy every day of my life.’ To learn more about Nick go to: www.theachievementcoach.co.uk